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Event1 - 1:1 Sarang(2014)
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* Product Name : Event1 - 1:1 Sarang(2014)


* Contents :


- Any doll(s) purchased during the event period will receive one designated gift or special offer as listed below.

- Realpuki/pukipuki: no additional charge for tan skin option.

- PukiFee: PukiFee Sarang faceplate (identical skin tone of the purchasing pukiFee doll)

- LittleFee and LittleFee Baby A la Carte & Basic: LittleFee Boxing Gloves (BW skin)

- LittleFee Full Package: LittleFee Boxing Gloves (Coloured Resin Parts) & Wingtop Boots (Coloured Resin Parts)

- ChicLine: Wrist Protector (brown)

- MinIFee A la Carte & Basic: MiniFee Leather Glove hands (brown)

- MiniFee Full Package: MiniFee Leather Glove hands (brown) & Bow (BW skin)

- FeePle65 Basic : Male #3 Hand parts for male basic, Female #12 Hand parts for female basic

- FeePle65 Full Package: Two pairs of hands (1 male type, 1 female type) + gun and eye patch painting service + 5% discount coupon that is applicalbe only for Feeple65 Full package.


*Chic Line event gift will be updated later. *

** FeePle65 Basic gifts #3 and #12 hand parts will be updated for sale separately at some point.

*** When placing your order, if Event1 - 1:1 Sarang(2014) is added, you will receive an event gift(s) depending on your order content.


PukiFee Sarang face



LittleFee Boxing Gloves



LittleFee Boxing Gloves (Coloured Resin)



LittleFee Wingtop Boots (Coloured Resin)



ChicLine Wrist Protector



MiniFee Leather Glove hands



MiniFee Bow



FeePle65 #3hands



FeePle65 #12hands



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