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FeePle65 Chloe Elf Full Package (Moon Light)
 Price 820.00
 Sleeping Face
 Manufacturer CP/FairyLand
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FeePle65 Chloe Elf Full Package (Moon Light)
FeePle65 Female

FeePle65 Chloe [Face(Elf ears) + Large bust + #11 Hands]
Default eyes 1 pair (16mm random color)
Chloe Face Makeup
Outfits(Moon Light)

* Shoes not included.
** Body painting and blushing not included.
*** Engraved arm set not included.

Skin (option)
Natural or Beautiful White
Additional options

Sleeping Face
Sleeping Face Makeup

Processing time
60 days

Same wig shown on photograph will be sent out unless there are unforeseen circumstances. Wig may need to be styled by the owner.

Only default makeup shown on official photograph can be applied. Custom makeup not available.


Outfits are handmade and the number of prepared outfits is limited. This product is not a Limited Edition, but the sale will end once the prepared number of outfits are sold out. There may be slight difference in color or details of the actual product to the photograph. Thank you for your understanding.


Actual product may differ from the photographs. Doll skin, makeup and product color may appear different depending on viewer's monitor condition

- Please check the processing time stated on the product page. If you have ordered more than one item, you should be referred to one with the longest processing time.
- Processing starts upon payment confirmation and it does not include Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
- More information can be found on our Shopping Guide page