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FeePle BREAKAWAY Special Full Package (Midnight Blue)
 Price 735.00
 Points 14.70
 Default Head
 Additional Head
 Sleeping Head Makeup
 Manufacturer CP/FairyLand
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FeePle BREAKAWAY Special Full Package (Midnight Blue)

FeePle Male
Skin (option)
Natural or Beautiful White

FeePle Breakaway (or Dreaming Breakaway) Head* + Sleeping Head
Default eyes 1 pair (16mm random color)
Breakaway (or Dreaming Breakaway) Head Makeup
Outfits(Midnight Blue), Boots
Metal Plate

Additional options

Makeup for Sleeping head
Breakaway (or Dreaming Breakaway) head*
Makeup for Breakaway (or Dreaming Breakaway) head

Note on selecting Default head

*Breakaway Full Package(Midnight Blue) has default head type option. Either Normal Breakway head or Dreaming Breakaway head can be chosen. Additional head that can be selected from furthur option is the remaining head.
ie. If Dreaming head is selected as the default head, Normal head can be selected as an optional purchase and vice versa.
(It is not possible to have two of same head types for both default and optional heads. Sleeping head cannot be changed with Normal or Dreaming Breakaway head.)

Processing time
40 days

* If no name is mentioned in the comment section, your member ID (or orderer's name if you are a non-member) will be engraved as the Owner's name. Child's name will be engraved as 'BREAKAWAY'.
- Owner name : Up to 18 letters (including space) in English alphabet and Arabic numerals only.

Child's name: Up to 14 letters (including space) in English alphabet and Arabic numerals only.


Image shown is default makeup


Outfits are handmade and the number of prepared outfits is limited. This product is not a Limited Edition, but the sale will end once the prepared number of outfits are sold out. There may be slight difference in color or details of the actual product to the photograph. Thank you for your understanding.


Actual product may differ from the photographs. Doll skin, makeup and product color may appear different depending on viewer's monitor condition

- Please check the processing time stated on the product page. If you have ordered more than one item, you should be referred to one with the longest processing time.
- Processing starts upon payment confirmation and it does not include Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
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