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Fantasy Art Line R-Line Hippogriff Rus basic
 Price 370.00
 Sleeping Face
 Wing Connector
 Eye Upgrade
 Manufacturer CP/FairyLand
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Fantasy Art Line R-Line Hippogriff Rus basic
Fantasy Art Line R-Line

Fantasy Art Line R-Line [Rus + Hippogriff(unpainted)]
Default eyes 1 pair (random color)

Natural or Beautiful White or Pink or Violet or Agra Tan*
Makeup options

Not available for choice

Face options

Sleeping Face


Hippogriff Wings (body skin colour)

Wings Connetor

Wing Connector for other doll lines (body skin colour)

Eye Upgrade

Upgrade to eyes shown on promotional photograph.(Blue or Pink)

Processing time
60 days (70 days for Tan Skin option)

Doll skin, makeup and product color may appear different depending on viewer's monitor settings.

Default and Sleeping Faceplates makeup is not provided.

Hippogriff does not require any connector to use the wing.

Other doll lines with a magnetic back requires a wing connector to use Hippogriff wing part. [The connector of Hippogriff is made for Fairyline, LittleFee and MiniFee (for the bodies that include magnets on back such as Moe body). We would like to clarify that we have not considered putting the wings of Hippogriff on RealFee because of its size, weight and balance. More detailed pictures will be opened next week in CP/Fairyland blog. Thank you.](The wing is compatible with RealFee and MiniFee but too big for LittleFee, PukiFee and so forth.)

Premium eyes for Hippogriff uses a mother of pearl, which is a natural material. As a result, each and every eye pattern and colour will vary from small to large degree and can be different from the one featured in the product sales page.

Due to internal design of the Hippogriff faceplate, Hippogriff default eyes are provided in ‘flat-back’ type only.


There are four small pierced pin-halls, clearly visible on each ankle of the Hippogriff. They are manufacturing marks that will not be considered as a damage or defect and will not be considered as a criteria for replacement service.


To ensure stable mobility of the wings, tightened wing joints may emit resin dusts, which is considered as normal.


Try not to disassemble the doll in any case unless absolutely necessary. Disassembling the Hippogriff is not recommended due to the intricate nature of the engineering.



- Order modification and/or cancellation is NOT accepted after payment has been confirmed. Please ensure that your order has been placed correctly prior to making payment.
- There may be small air bubbles, uneven 
coloring (eg. green, yellow or white areas), raised seam lines, and rough surfaces due to the characterstics of tanned skin resin. Refund/exchange due to such reasons is not possible.
- Tanned skin resin undergoes faster color change than other skin tones and it may occur within short time frame.
- Customization/modification of tanned skin dolls is not recommended. We ask you to make your purchase only if you fully understand the characteristics of tanned skin resin dolls and that problems listed above may happen.



Combined with RealFee

- Please check the processing time stated on the product page. If you have ordered more than one item, you should be referred to one with the longest processing time.
- Processing starts upon payment confirmation and it does not include Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
- More information can be found on our Shopping Guide page